Types of Braces

At McDaniel Orthodontics we understand that deciding to undergo orthodontic treatment can be a big decision! Whether you are going through treatment yourself or your child is entering the world of braces we want you to feel comfortable. That is why we are happy to be able to offer our patients visiting our Chattanooga, Cleveland & Jasper offices multiple options when it comes to braces.

Metal Braces

alt="metal_color.png"Metal braces are the more traditional form of orthodontic braces that most people picture when they think of orthodontic treatment. Metal braces are in fact, the most common type of braces for patients. Traditional metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel, are smaller, and more comfortable than in the past!

Ceramic Braces

damon_clear.pngCeramic braces are a more modern modification of the traditional metal braces. These types of braces are made of a translucent or clear material that makes the orthodontic process less obvious to others. Though the aesthetics of these braces are a huge benefit to some patients they also tend to be more fragile than the traditional metal braces.


invisalign.pngMcDaniel Orthodontics is especially excited to be able to offer the Invisalign system to our adult patients. Invisalign is a series of clear aligners that have been computer generated to gradually move teeth into the desired position determined by your orthodontist. This particular system of orthodontic treatment is available to adult and teen patients with certain orthodontic issues.

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