At McDaniel Orthodontics we take pride in the smiles that we create for our patients in the Chattanooga, Cleveland and Jasper areas of Tennessee. Both of our doctors and their patients work hard during the orthodontic process, which is why the retention phase is so important. If you have questions about the retention phase or any other inquiries about the orthodontic process, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our three conveniently located offices.

What Exactly Is Retention?

The retention phase of treatment begins once your orthodontic braces have been removed in efforts to maintain progress. This phase is going to last a minimum of 24 months in order to ensure that the desired result is maintained. The final result of your smile is going to depend on your commitment to the retention phase so it is important that you wear your retainers. Remember to remove your retainer when you are eating and before you brush and floss. Make sure to put your retainer back in your mouth and treat it with care as there can be costs to replace retainers.

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We encourage you to browse the remainder of our website for more information on all our practice has to offer. Should you have further questions about the retention process please contact one of our offices in Chattanooga, Cleveland or Jasper. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Our Doctors and team hope to hear from you soon!